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About Us


The luxury market has very special needs. The landscape surrounding the property and the materials within should be some of the world's finest. Architecture becomes living art. Furnishings, too. The luxury market buyer has questions and specifications that are beyond the reach of common, everyday Realtors. networks with premier agents from around the world. Realtors who understand the proper blend of discreetness, negotiating expertise and thinking through every detail of the sale for their clients.

Whether you want to sell or buy a property in Topeka . . . the Carribbean . . . Camden . . . Malibu . . . France . . . Honolulu . . . Italy . . . Key West . . . or anywhere in between, will take you there

and give you the inside scoop.

Jack Lane has been a leader in the national luxury market for over 20 years. Specializing in $1 million + homes, he has created a worldwide network of professionals who understand how to take care of people, discreetly, and with the outstanding assistance of accomplished visionaries -- architects, builders, designers, landscape professionals and estate planners.  His philosophy since he created the concept for this website was to keep simple -- make it a place that completely caters to what the $1 Million + Buyer might need as they pursue their dream property and lifestyle.  Nothing else.  

Steven Batdorff is a lifelong resident of northern Michigan with its miles of pristine shoreline, rolling hills, picturesque towns and fresh air. His experience covers 25 years in real estate as a leader working with $1 million + clients.  He drives the Realtor Networking which is constantly pushing down all avenues to get listings in front of the wealthiest Buyers and Sellers in the world.

An accomplished photographer, Steve also assists in the web design world and outreach programs.

Micheal Henriet heads up the advertising and sales staff.  With a diverse background and knowledge of Internet technology and cutting edge advertising avenues, Micheal and his staff are on the phone, the Internet and at trade shows constantly.  An enjoyable fellow who loves life, Micheal has taken to the world!

Amber Nelson is in charge of networking departments.  It's her staff's constant sourcing of information to and from all our clients and outposts that keeps on top of the world's luxury markets.


We'll get you front and center in this whole new Internet world.